Catherine Bell

Live into Your Potential

There is an Awakening...

I offer assistance to those who are ready to awaken and create meaningful lives

People are searching for meaning, in life, in work, in play. At the root of finding meaning is your relationship and connection to your awakened self.

Once you are in touch with your inner compass and aim, you can make positive decisions toward the world you want to create. Self care is highly personal and not one size fits all. We all know when we are coming from an Awakened or Asleep place.

The awake state represents when we are acting out of authenticity, love, peace, compassion, and a sense of abundance.

Enneagram Coaching

To come to understand our unique ability to impact, love and utilize our wisdom is powerful; this is what the Enneagram teaches.

Executive Coaching

Catherine takes on a very limited number of CEO’s to whom she offers a unique Executive Coaching experience.

Public Speaking

Catherine is a sought-after public speaker who inspires her audience with topics from mindfulness to awakening corporate culture.

Catherine Bell

I've spent over 20 years helping organizations, business leaders, and individuals find their inner awakening. I'm a serial entrepreneur, business leader, author, public speaker, wife, and mother who inspires others to seek their truth.

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, I'm the founder of The Awakened Company, where I've guided organizations to develop culture strategies by igniting and sustaining the fires within those organizations with passion, purpose, and playfulness.

– Catherine Bell