A world of real, unreal, vulnerable, and tender hearts.

Divine Whisperings

Let me muse you.

Welcome to Divine Whisperings, a sanctuary of unspoken true and untrue stories and poems that emerged in winds of inner and outer atmospheres. In a world where we often define ourselves by our roles and responsibilities, this space invites you to explore the depths of your true self, beyond the labels and expectations.

We all long for meaning, control, and seeing beyond the veils of our existence.  

Here, you’ll find a collection of poetry and prose that serves as a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, a window into the heart of the creator and an invitation to unearth your own archetypal narrative. The words you’ll discover here are a testament to the belief that we all have hidden, unspoken stories waiting to be shared, to shine, and to be celebrated.

Catherine Bell’s journey, marked by a nomadic childhood and a relentless search for belonging, mirrors the universal quest to uncover the shy, hidden parts of ourselves and allow them to sing their inner songs. Through her poems and songs, you’re encouraged to do the same.     

Life is a complex, subtle dance, and within these verses, you’ll find experiences and revelations inspired by nature, love, family, and the wild whims of existence. These whispers of divine wisdom aim to awaken the innermost corners of your being, reminding you of the profound beauty found in the everyday.

As you delve into this poetic portal, you’re invited to set your intentions and explore the profound considerations. It’s an opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the authenticity and vulnerability that are at the heart of this endeavor.            

So, welcome to a world of real, unreal, vulnerable, and tender hearts. May Divine Whisperings inspire you to embrace the intoxicating rawness of your own being and lead you on a journey back home—to a place where you can rest, reflect, and truly be yourself.

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