RISO Hudson Certified

Enneagram Coach

Journey through the Enneagram with Catherine

Catherine has been involved with the Enneagram since she was about 15-years-old. It was her mother and aunt that first introduced her to the system. At first she did NOT want to be boxed into a Type. As she began her journey, however, she learned that the Enneagram has to do with unlocking your dominant Type and the development and cultivation of the other Types. It is a deep journey into our inner experiences. It also illuminates how we engage with the outer and secret parts of our personal experiences. The Enneagram is one of the most transformational roadmaps for those who are ready for it.

In collaboration with one of the world’s most predominant Enneagram coaches, Russ Hudson, Catherine worked on The Awakened Company, a global consulting firm designed to ignite and sustain the fire within. She has been deeply working alongside him since the beginning of COVID in 2020 on a number of purpose-driven initiatives.

Catherine is Riso-Hudson Enneagram Certified, has an Enneagram coaching certification, is certified in the TOLAT, studied TriType with Katherine and David Fauvre, and has studied with David Daniels. She has attained her MBA from Queen’s University, a Sociology degree from Western University, and is a certified yoga instructor. She implements the Enneagram roadmap with executives who are truly ready to awaken.

What is the Enneagram?

...and how can you work with me to enrich your life?

The Enneagram is a profound personality roadmap with 9 essential personality types to explore...

It teaches us to cultivate our unique gifts, reveals our work-ons, our wounds, our light, and maps out a specific path that helps us develop into our potential.

Working with the Enneagram can help you develop more awareness of your physical senses, your emotional capacities, and understand thinking options. It will help you become more self-aware, cultivate your presence, and lead to a more enriched life where you can live into your potential.

The 9 Enneagram Types

“The Enneagram helps us to become more present and react less from our “default” perspective.”

Find out how Catherine can guide you through your Enneagram journey