Executive Coaching


Let Catherine’s Clients Tell the Story

We highly recommend Catherine Bell as a facilitator for your next team building event particularly if you appreciate an authentic and unique approach to team development. Thank you Catherine for your refreshing, inspiring and thoughtful approach to team development.


Catherine Bell is a courageous and groundbreaking leader. She’s a positive force and champion of organizations becoming more alive!


Catherine’s approach is entrepreneurial; but grounded in research and processes that are based on her own established best practices. Catherine is focused on doing it right; with a emphasize on being a terrific partner. She is hardworking and always thinking about a different way of doing things.


Catherine’s Philosophy

We are all here to create. What shall we create today? A story, a play, a company, a delay. Let’s bring the splinters of society together in the most real way so that true soul and mind stream can show us the way. The way of the future is interdependence between ourselves and others.

One on One

Catherine’s aim is for everyone she works with to embrace their own empowerment into their heart, head, and hands. To really live into their potential in a sustainable way. Working with Catherine is a journey into your own leading, longing, loving, quiet, hurting, breaking, and of course the healing through pathways of self. It is not for the faint of heart.

Strategy (with Soul)

Organizations are the way we will solve our world's greatest challenges. We need to work together differently. Catherine believes organizations are a force for good and offer opportunities for awakening “Strategies with Soul” by involving and incorporating the measurement of culture into our plans in a highly customized and powerful way. Through developing and inspiring awakening she helps organizations to flourish.